At Harihar houses deity Hari (Vishnu) & Hara(Shiva) half -n-half. Vishnu & Shiva came together to take the form of Harihara to end a demon by name Guha.
The road leading to the temple is a small town road…people lazying outside their houses. The temple is maintained clean and has beautiful carvings both inside & outside. Parts of it reminded me of “savira khamba da basati” and some parts reminded me of Belur temple. The temple has not compound wall..instead, is surrounded by small houses of pujari’s who perform puja at the temple.


Santhebennur is famous for a pond called “Pushkarani,” locally called “Honda.” Apart from the structure in the center, four more can be seen on the surrounding steps, and there are two more – one each on the left & right. The Pushkarani itself is in front of a gallery kind of structure, open towards the Pushkarani, and without any rooms. These structures are built with a mix of stone, bricks & mortar.
Santebennur has an education institute run by Vijaya Yuvaka Sangha. This organization was founded by Sathyanarayan Nadig. Now Sri Sumateendra Nadig is care taker for Vijaya Yuvaka Sangha.
In Santhebennur there is one marriage hall and degree college is also there. Mr.H.M.Omkaraiah presently serving as Assistant Commissioner of Police in Bangalore is the first individual to be awarded President of India’s and Chief Minister’s gold medal for meritorious service.
Also in Santhebennur, Sri Rama Temple is another good place to visit. It was inaugurated by Mysore Raj Arasa Odeyar many years ago. Every year on the occasion of Rama Navami “Sri Ramothsava” is celebrated with Rathotsava